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Random Drawing #7: Rolling Bubbles!



I really wanted to go back into coloring line art so I can practice on my manga coloring. I also haven’t in a long time colored or even drawn any Powerpuff Girls Z related stuff (Powerpuff Girls Z was one of my long-time anime to watch). Bubbles is one of my favorite characters to from both the anime version and the original.

When deciding and how to create this I really wanted to keep the original shading/ lighting the same but also make it in my style.


Lineart link:


lineart off version :



Happy New Year’s ^_^

Special Random Drawing (6): Kawaii Range/ Keen Wit

I have been thinking about a friend that I have known a long time ago. He has to be an inspiration for me. He taught me some of the tricks and facts about creating things digitally when I was first starting. Looking back, they got better and better at drawing stuff with a computer (with a mouse and a tablet). I can’t hardly remember him as much but I do remember his OCs. One of them that I really like the most is Range/Keen. From what I remember, Range Conjure (Keen Wit) is a pony that can do alchemy at a level (don’t remember). Her personally is more of the silly and fun type like Pinkie Pie. I really feel connected to her because she has a dark past like me. I also like the appearance of her too.

Five years later, I really wanted to try drawing her again. Since I knew more tricks with Paint Tool Sai and new brushes as well as techniques, I believe that I would be such a fun challenge to accomplish.

My first process of making this drawing was that I made three poses I feel fits her personality. However, the third picture stood out to me the most because I was excited about using this pose, and also because I did better on that one ^_^’.




After picking the picture, I also had to adjust and create her legs and her tail digitally since it was cut off from the sketch. This part was really time- consuming because I had to create the legs/ tail and also it did the traditional drawing to line art trick (which I am not a fan of). The frame of the picture too small for the layout so I had to copied pasted the drawing and put it in a much bigger layout.


Then I colored her in base colors, added some shade in for the white parts and played around with the shadows. Later, I colored in the line art



Then I started to shade the body in anime-like shading. After I added a hint of blush.




After I colored in the eyes on this version and added lines to the blush.

For the hair, I started to experiment but don’t worry. This one will not be the final style. (This character is getting so cute owo, I can’t help myself but finishing this ≧∇≦).



(More experimenting later) SHE IS SO CUUUUUTTTTE! I can do anything with her!




I CAN EVEN DO MEMEZ BECAUSE SHE’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!*!*!*!*!*!!*!*!*!*!*!*!


Ok, I really need to stop fooling around and start FOCUSING on finishing this artwork. (And start focusing on my exams….. -_-‘)


Ok, the hair, I am going to use the same method I used to experiment because I’m lazy and it looks cool already.

The only changes I made was redoing the lines in the tail. I also did a little scribble-scrabble in the bright parts so that it would make that “hair effect”.



After that, I was done….. But I also had a background I need to do……..


Really, this drawing doesn’t need a background because it fits so well. However, here is the background I was originally thinking of.


Range-Keen Drawing by Marisapink (Backround)

Just a cute pony outside with the sun…… Wait why is there a cloud there?

Oh well…… I suck at backgrounds anyway but I like the way I drew Range. She like so kawaii desu, 美しい馬! O(≧▽≦)O.

PS. For any copywrites

Drawing made by me.©

Tutorials used was made by the linked areas.©

Range Conjure/ Keen Wit isn’t my character.©

Playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

I started playing one of my favorite gaming series, Animal Crossing, on the phone. Ever since I was in middle school I liked playing the Animal Crossing series. My first game was Wild World and I really like how four players can play the game the share their neighborhood with everyone else. I remember catching fish and bugs, buying things for me, and listening to the animals’ “daily life” along with this.

The mobile app version, Pocket Camp, is (or feels) like a condense version of the series. It kind of like one of those apps that kills time when your bored but it is really fun. This games theme is more like a camping theme where your house is an RV and yard is a vacation spot for your favorite animals. Some of the campers would ask you to do tasks like catch fish for them or pick the fruit they want. They would trade you back items like bells (money) or items to build furniture.




Umm… yeah. Remember, Wild World?




Happily driving over raindeers. Oh wait, this is Animal Crossing?



I got an upgrade for a tent



And RV……



Freaky that this looks like real life fish.




Envy this person camp ground because it so organized.



You can make pies and cakes in this game, which I like.




Don’t ask how and why they make this character. But I do like the necklace…..




Painting with Beau. (So like my life).