Short talk.

Hello everyone and good day to you. I have been so busy with school and other things that I just didn’t get the time to post anything you know. Whenever you have some free time I could post something but I do have some announcements I would like to share.

Before creating WordPress, I started a social media like post called miiverse. It was a really fun place where you could draw your experience about Nintendo or other things, you can comment and just anything, you can make nice friends (or enemies there too). Miiverse is ending pretty soon and I will miss it.


Secondly, I haven’t been drawing lately because of school and stuff but whenever I get a chance I would draw here and there. This is one of them. Plus, I am also excited of the My Little Pony: FIM the Movie is why I’m drawing this.


Random Drawing #3: My little Pony OC or Whatever

(For better viewing, please zoom out of the picture or move away from the computer)

One thing that I haven’t shown much on this site is ponies. You guys probably saw my profile that I love watching My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I haven’t got a chance to see season 5- part of 7 so don’t drop any spoilers. I’ve been in and out having free time (Is to why I don’t post as much). I haven’t been drawing

I’ve been in and out having free time (Is to why I don’t post as much). I haven’t been drawing ponies in a long time. I drew one doodle that wasn’t as good this, which was one of the things that got deleted >_<. However, completing my summer class and no work, I have some free time to draw. I wanted to see how well I can draw ponies now with my Wacom Intuos pen and touch and I did a really good job. I am very proud of it.

Ps. Don’t look at the background, I suck at making backgrounds >_<

By the way, did you know My little pony: the movie is coming out. I hope it doesn’t suck.

Out of my computer blues :P

So one day I found a youtuber named Pluvias who draws really good anime. One video though stuck me. In her fan speed paint video (Your name), she used a 3D online model, named Design Doll, to sketch out the poses of the two lovers. I wanted to try it out and see if my drawing looks better.

Design Doll was quite neat. In the program, there were many options to chose from. You can make your model be an anime girl to a human man. The software has a free version and a pro version.

Capturesdsdcsdcd. PNG.PNG

After I created my pose, I went and sketch the model’s base, tweaked a little bit and drew a random design. It looks really good and I love how neat it came out.

Well, there’s some bad news…..

I have gotten a computer virus a week an ago and it took over my computer.I couldn’t get into my files so I had no choice but to reset the whole thing. Recent art drawings, videos, even school work: Gone. I have been pretty sad about it lately so a won’t draw anything soon until I feel better.

Improving my Persona.

older Nakuka Fuijwara


Finally, I have finished my older version of my persona. It’s really was a tough decision but I had to change her. I created my persona when I was just 12 years old. Here’s I picture of her again.

anime me 3 croped.png

Since I’ve grown much bigger and change my style a little bit, I felt like changing her. However, looking back at my old design of her makes me want to go back. I don’t know. What do you guys think?


Created both pictures from Paint tool Sai

School, School and ….. hey look a drawing.

Hello internet,

I’ve been very busy doing school work and finding myself a job that I haven’t gotten the time to just sit down and draw. Even in stressful days, drawing and coloring is something I find helpful. You guys probably know about adult coloring books, so I’ve been doing I little bit of coloring myself.

picture wip

I haven’t finished on coloring my persona, Nakuka Fujiwara, yet but I started this around February, XD.

Since schooling is getting closer to the ending period, I have more time to do what I would like to do: Drawing.

drawing practice #13 (dreaming in the clouds)1.png

I drew just stuff that was at the top of my head. I really was going for a landscape drawing of “Heaven” but then I was like ” I feel like drawing a person”. So, I drew a girl and colored her random too. Now it kinda looks like a girl is thinking her “happy place”.

Hopefully when I have more free time, I can do more drawing and post them here.

For now, See ya soon (and also enjoy the awesome spring weather).



Nakuka Fujiwara picture

Used Paint Tool Sai



Random girl in clouds

Used AutoDesk Sketchbook Express 2010