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Is there an option that says leave your nightmare immediately?


Playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

I started playing one of my favorite gaming series, Animal Crossing, on the phone. Ever since I was in middle school I liked playing the Animal Crossing series. My first game was Wild World and I really like how four players can play the game the share their neighborhood with everyone else. I remember catching fish and bugs, buying things for me, and listening to the animals’ “daily life” along with this.

The mobile app version, Pocket Camp, is (or feels) like a condense version of the series. It kind of like one of those apps that kills time when your bored but it is really fun. This games theme is more like a camping theme where your house is an RV and yard is a vacation spot for your favorite animals. Some of the campers would ask you to do tasks like catch fish for them or pick the fruit they want. They would trade you back items like bells (money) or items to build furniture.




Umm… yeah. Remember, Wild World?




Happily driving over raindeers. Oh wait, this is Animal Crossing?



I got an upgrade for a tent



And RV……



Freaky that this looks like real life fish.




Envy this person camp ground because it so organized.



You can make pies and cakes in this game, which I like.




Don’t ask how and why they make this character. But I do like the necklace…..




Painting with Beau. (So like my life).


Another Childhood site ended

One of my best childhood site ever, Miiverse, has ended last Tuesday. This site really inspired my life because of “certain issues” but also how well artist made their post. Most Famous and regular miiverse people were very nice and thoughtful of their fans. They had the time to laugh, cry, and be silly, which I really liked that. One of my founded memories was when I have gotten ALOT of yeahs on my Apple Jack post. Another was when I got followed my some people and ended up getting a 283 followers at the end.Oh, and the last was when my mii friends hang out in Kodi’s Posts, that was the memories x’D. For you Miiverians, Thank you without you support, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. I gotten better at drawing because of you all, and I just thank you of it. >w< . So as I loving tribute to my existence on miiverse, I drew my persona in the miiverse regular “lasy” style. (Couldn’t finish it because the older Autodesk:SketchBook wouldn’t let me in >_<*)



By the way, In case you wanted to know my “Miiverse Goodbye Post” is right there.

pic 2.PNG



Short talk.

Hello everyone and good day to you. I have been so busy with school and other things that I just didn’t get the time to post anything you know. Whenever you have some free time I could post something but I do have some announcements I would like to share.

Before creating WordPress, I started a social media like post called miiverse. It was a really fun place where you could draw your experience about Nintendo or other things, you can comment and just anything, you can make nice friends (or enemies there too). Miiverse is ending pretty soon and I will miss it.


Secondly, I haven’t been drawing lately because of school and stuff but whenever I get a chance I would draw here and there. This is one of them. Plus, I am also excited of the My Little Pony: FIM the Movie is why I’m drawing this.

Random Drawing #3: My little Pony OC or Whatever

(For better viewing, please zoom out of the picture or move away from the computer)

One thing that I haven’t shown much on this site is ponies. You guys probably saw my profile that I love watching My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I haven’t got a chance to see season 5- part of 7 so don’t drop any spoilers. I’ve been in and out having free time (Is to why I don’t post as much). I haven’t been drawing

I’ve been in and out having free time (Is to why I don’t post as much). I haven’t been drawing ponies in a long time. I drew one doodle that wasn’t as good this, which was one of the things that got deleted >_<. However, completing my summer class and no work, I have some free time to draw. I wanted to see how well I can draw ponies now with my Wacom Intuos pen and touch and I did a really good job. I am very proud of it.

Ps. Don’t look at the background, I suck at making backgrounds >_<

By the way, did you know My little pony: the movie is coming out. I hope it doesn’t suck.

Out of my computer blues :P

So one day I found a youtuber named Pluvias who draws really good anime. One video though stuck me. In her fan speed paint video (Your name), she used a 3D online model, named Design Doll, to sketch out the poses of the two lovers. I wanted to try it out and see if my drawing looks better.

Design Doll was quite neat. In the program, there were many options to chose from. You can make your model be an anime girl to a human man. The software has a free version and a pro version.

Capturesdsdcsdcd. PNG.PNG

After I created my pose, I went and sketch the model’s base, tweaked a little bit and drew a random design. It looks really good and I love how neat it came out.

Well, there’s some bad news…..

I have gotten a computer virus a week an ago and it took over my computer.I couldn’t get into my files so I had no choice but to reset the whole thing. Recent art drawings, videos, even school work: Gone. I have been pretty sad about it lately so a won’t draw anything soon until I feel better.