A Note from Snake (AC:PC)



Be a little bit considerate for the ninjas. Who knows? You might see someone doing a backflip.


Making My Persona: Live Portrait Maker

I found this wonderful app from Google App Store. This trending app is called Live Portrait Maker. This app is more so on the anime side, but you can create realistic characters of your persona, OC, and even your self. I tried creating my persona but it looks way different. I guess I could say I tried X’D.

You can find this app here if you’re an Android user and here if you’re an Apple user.


Update: they even made a guy version too from Android and Apple

The Sims moblie app experience.

Sometimes the reason why play these slice-of-life games if so that or have more development for my O.C characters. I was suggested by someone in that they develop your their characters more in depth and more realistic based on the slice-of-life games. So I figured why not? I picked the Sims because I enjoy these soap opera-like settings where you just dig the story.

I picked my very first O.C to create, Sonya and Akihiko. I am a very embarrassed to show you hey guys the profile of them because my drawing wasn’t as good ( but rather freaky). They were made from a little fanfic that I made in my head, which I was to lazy to write it out. It was about a boy who has ran away from an orphanage and lives in a old shed in an abandoned farm by himself. One day, a beautiful alien girl crashed next to his shed, wanting him to save her from a evil wealthy prince who wants to take over her kingdom and the whole galaxy.

Later on during the story, they fall very deep in love and…… (anime romance inserts). Yeah.

I couldn’t make The Sims more like them so they look more older than they actually are. (especially Akito look he looks more geeky than anime -_-*)

But they’re love story is so cute. My cheeks hurts just listening to this drama.

I picked the one that really fits there relationship which was more of a soulmate status than anything else.

This is the sudden sweetheart status

The ending of sudden sweetheart status


The beginning of lover status


They’re so cute!  /)’3′(\


And by the way this is my house so far.



And the portrait. ( why does Akihiko have to be so quirky).