I’ve got some stuff!


After having a hard-working school semester, I decided to treat myself. I brought myself some Prismacolor markers from Marker Supply.com and a Yoobi multi-color pen from Target. I was so happy that I got 6 markers for 3.54 each. (of course buying the set is a lot cheaper, but lasy me I wanted it now). Also after breaking many cheap multi- color pens, I found something that can last more than 3 months. But enough of my bragging about my stuff, let go to the art.


Overall, I really like the prismacolor markers. They definitely show great quality in color (It look a lot better in person). The issue is that I’m use to coloring things neatly and in order. So when I started to draw, I kinda had a struggle on filling the white marks of the face and it ended up looking like she had freckles on her face. Just a warning, these markers are very dangerous when not used in a area where wind is blowing. I nearly pass out after doing my first drawing because, I was constantly sniffing the fumes.Even with  the other drawing I had to put a face mask on XD.


Another drawing. I colored the skin with the Eggshell and Blondwood color and the outlines was from the multi colored pen.

Just in case if you were wondering what colors I got, Here the list

Blush pink light- PB-9

Light Aqua- PB-46

Sienna Brown- PB-65

Egg shell- PB-72

Walnut- PB-90

Black- PB-98

Blondwood – PB 96 was what I got for free at an art camp.