Drawing O.C: My adopted “doll” named Juile

When was in my middle school years, I was really getting into anime. Then I come across these dolls that are ball-jointed in all areas. These doll are called BJD and you can customize them or buy it as is.

But I first had my ball jointed doll all I could afford was the small ones, which was $60. I named her Julie because I was so into Bakugan at the time then I just love the character design of that Julie. So I really wanted to make a replica of her but some ball jointed dolls don’t have the chocolate color so I brought the regular ones anyway.


I remember her body came first from the mail that I brought from a website that was American. And the rest of accessories came from Hong Kong which took 3 more weeks.

Remember that I was waiting a long for of the accessories that I made my own by crocheting it. I remember also using the yarn to make hair. It was not until it came that I regret even buying the accessories.

Long story short, my siblings destroyed my doll since it was a fragile. And since then I’ve never gotten to play with her or fix her again.

I’ve made stories with her along with my other dolls I maded. She was I girl who once lived in Japan. She really like Japanese and Korean fashion. She’s a little bit on the quiet side / bubbly side.


Finshed Product:

Anime Juile by Marisapink


Random Drawing #7: Rolling Bubbles!



I really wanted to go back into coloring line art so I can practice on my manga coloring. I also haven’t in a long time colored or even drawn any Powerpuff Girls Z related stuff (Powerpuff Girls Z was one of my long-time anime to watch). Bubbles is one of my favorite characters to from both the anime version and the original.

When deciding and how to create this I really wanted to keep the original shading/ lighting the same but also make it in my style.


Lineart link: http://coloringhome.com/power-puff-girls-z-coloring-pages


lineart off version :



Happy New Year’s ^_^

Another Childhood site ended

One of my best childhood site ever, Miiverse, has ended last Tuesday. This site really inspired my life because of “certain issues” but also how well artist made their post. Most Famous and regular miiverse people were very nice and thoughtful of their fans. They had the time to laugh, cry, and be silly, which I really liked that. One of my founded memories was when I have gotten ALOT of yeahs on my Apple Jack post. Another was when I got followed my some people and ended up getting a 283 followers at the end.Oh, and the last was when my mii friends hang out in Kodi’s Posts, that was the memories x’D. For you Miiverians, Thank you without you support, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. I gotten better at drawing because of you all, and I just thank you of it. >w< . So as I loving tribute to my existence on miiverse, I drew my persona in the miiverse regular “lasy” style. (Couldn’t finish it because the older Autodesk:SketchBook wouldn’t let me in >_<*)



By the way, In case you wanted to know my “Miiverse Goodbye Post” is right there.

pic 2.PNG