Drawing O.C: My adopted “doll” named Juile

When was in my middle school years, I was really getting into anime. Then I come across these dolls that are ball-jointed in all areas. These doll are called BJD and you can customize them or buy it as is.

But I first had my ball jointed doll all I could afford was the small ones, which was $60. I named her Julie because I was so into Bakugan at the time then I just love the character design of that Julie. So I really wanted to make a replica of her but some ball jointed dolls don’t have the chocolate color so I brought the regular ones anyway.


I remember her body came first from the mail that I brought from a website that was American. And the rest of accessories came from Hong Kong which took 3 more weeks.

Remember that I was waiting a long for of the accessories that I made my own by crocheting it. I remember also using the yarn to make hair. It was not until it came that I regret even buying the accessories.

Long story short, my siblings destroyed my doll since it was a fragile. And since then I’ve never gotten to play with her or fix her again.

I’ve made stories with her along with my other dolls I maded. She was I girl who once lived in Japan. She really like Japanese and Korean fashion. She’s a little bit on the quiet side / bubbly side.


Finshed Product:

Anime Juile by Marisapink


The Sims moblie app experience.

Sometimes the reason why play these slice-of-life games if so that or have more development for my O.C characters. I was suggested by someone in that they develop your their characters more in depth and more realistic based on the slice-of-life games. So I figured why not? I picked the Sims because I enjoy these soap opera-like settings where you just dig the story.

I picked my very first O.C to create, Sonya and Akihiko. I am a very embarrassed to show you hey guys the profile of them because my drawing wasn’t as good ( but rather freaky). They were made from a little fanfic that I made in my head, which I was to lazy to write it out. It was about a boy who has ran away from an orphanage and lives in a old shed in an abandoned farm by himself. One day, a beautiful alien girl crashed next to his shed, wanting him to save her from a evil wealthy prince who wants to take over her kingdom and the whole galaxy.

Later on during the story, they fall very deep in love and…… (anime romance inserts). Yeah.

I couldn’t make The Sims more like them so they look more older than they actually are. (especially Akito look he looks more geeky than anime -_-*)

But they’re love story is so cute. My cheeks hurts just listening to this drama.

I picked the one that really fits there relationship which was more of a soulmate status than anything else.

This is the sudden sweetheart status

The ending of sudden sweetheart status


The beginning of lover status


They’re so cute!  /)’3′(\


And by the way this is my house so far.



And the portrait. ( why does Akihiko have to be so quirky).


My Pony Persona: Mist Chaser

(For phone users, her skin is peach colored, not orange)

Now I know, everyone’s pony is named Mist Chaser (because there’s a lot of them in Facebook, Google etc.). It’s a common first name and last name so don’t tell me I don’t have creativity (well actually I got the name from a pony generator base on my name).

Anyways, I haven’t made an update on my ponysona in a long time since 2015-ish. Plus I haven’t been into the series lately since My Little Pony is “going down in quality”. The only time that I had so much development on my ponysona is when I first started PonySquare.

I remembered I wrote on my summary that Mist Chaser was a crafter who owned a business. She adopted two beautiful filly (pony Angelica and pony Julie). She is a Pegasus but also made a contraption that she can use unicorn magic. Mist Chaser also had a dark past that kind of foreshadows. Like for example, she used to work at the Rainbow Factory, ( OOOOOOOOO :O). I had some anime themes in it too, like she turn into some magical girl anime superhero, which I forgot what that was.

Here is my old profile.

Misty's profile

I have notice that I haven’t made her “Kawaii Desu” yet in fact that she’s a cute pony. So I tried making her almost like the Range tutorial but different. seeing the results, they turned out pretty good. Actually got the coloring done in 3 hours straight. And it looks even better than I could imagine it could be.