Special Random Drawing (6): Kawaii Range/ Keen Wit

I have been thinking about a friend that I have known a long time ago. He has to be an inspiration for me. He taught me some of the tricks and facts about creating things digitally when I was first starting. Looking back, they got better and better at drawing stuff with a computer (with a mouse and a tablet). I can’t hardly remember him as much but I do remember his OCs. One of them that I really like the most is Range/Keen. From what I remember, Range Conjure (Keen Wit) is a pony that can do alchemy at a level (don’t remember). Her personally is more of the silly and fun type like Pinkie Pie. I really feel connected to her because she has a dark past like me. I also like the appearance of her too.

Five years later, I really wanted to try drawing her again. Since I knew more tricks with Paint Tool Sai and new brushes as well as techniques, I believe that I would be such a fun challenge to accomplish.

My first process of making this drawing was that I made three poses I feel fits her personality. However, the third picture stood out to me the most because I was excited about using this pose, and also because I did better on that one ^_^’.




After picking the picture, I also had to adjust and create her legs and her tail digitally since it was cut off from the sketch. This part was really time- consuming because I had to create the legs/ tail and also it did the traditional drawing to line art trick (which I am not a fan of). The frame of the picture too small for the layout so I had to copied pasted the drawing and put it in a much bigger layout.


Then I colored her in base colors, added some shade in for the white parts and played around with the shadows. Later, I colored in the line art



Then I started to shade the body in anime-like shading. After I added a hint of blush.




After I colored in the eyes on this version and added lines to the blush.

For the hair, I started to experiment but don’t worry. This one will not be the final style. (This character is getting so cute owo, I can’t help myself but finishing this ≧∇≦).



(More experimenting later) SHE IS SO CUUUUUTTTTE! I can do anything with her!




I CAN EVEN DO MEMEZ BECAUSE SHE’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!*!*!*!*!*!!*!*!*!*!*!*!


Ok, I really need to stop fooling around and start FOCUSING on finishing this artwork. (And start focusing on my exams….. -_-‘)


Ok, the hair, I am going to use the same method I used to experiment because I’m lazy and it looks cool already.

The only changes I made was redoing the lines in the tail. I also did a little scribble-scrabble in the bright parts so that it would make that “hair effect”.



After that, I was done….. But I also had a background I need to do……..


Really, this drawing doesn’t need a background because it fits so well. However, here is the background I was originally thinking of.


Range-Keen Drawing by Marisapink (Backround)

Just a cute pony outside with the sun…… Wait why is there a cloud there?

Oh well…… I suck at backgrounds anyway but I like the way I drew Range. She like so kawaii desu, 美しい馬! O(≧▽≦)O.

PS. For any copywrites

Drawing made by me.©

Tutorials used was made by the linked areas.©

Range Conjure/ Keen Wit isn’t my character.©



  1. kingdylbag13 · December 8

    Thats pretty cool


    • Marisapink · December 16

      Thanks so much ^^


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