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Welcome to my Fabulous website, where magical things happen (sarcasm). Hehe, sorry. I wanted to make a grand opening. Anyways, Hello and welcome. Enjoy the rest of my latest creations and thoughts. Thanks and I hope you will have a great day(or night).



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Random drawings #15: Monochromatic drawings

Before I started gaining the interest of drawing, I would doodle on my paper during class when I was younger. It would be something like a detailed flower or leaf. And I would draw them with only one color in pencil or pen.

Today felt like those kind of days where I just only wanted one color to draw. And that is how I made these three drawings.

Drawing Practice_#12

Drawing Practice_#13

Drawing Practice_#14 by Marisapink

Making My Persona: Live Portrait Maker

I found this wonderful app from Google App Store. This trending app is called Live Portrait Maker. This app is more so on the anime side, but you can create realistic characters of your persona, OC, and even your self. I tried creating my persona but it looks way different. I guess I could say I tried X’D.

You can find this app here if you’re an Android user and here if you’re an Apple user.


Update: they even made a guy version too from Android and Apple

(Real) Random Drawings #13

I’m back and with more time to draw. I have been wanting to draw since testing started in my school. Whenever I start drawing after school work, my art gets crazy good. So here are various doodles in various ways in various poses. Note that I did not put any effort into this. I hope you like it.

Scanned version